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Infographic: Get rid of Shoe Odor

Thanks to Richard Kallis and the folks at AboutBoot for this helpful information:

Get Rid of Shoe Odor

Get Rid of Shoe Odor by AboutBoot

It is no secret that running shoes smell. Are you trying by every means possible to keep your shoes odorless and clean, yet somehow an awful odor always finds a way inside your running shoes?

Well, you are not alone. Smelly running shoes is a widespread condition that will affect even the most sanitized person. It is true that running shoes can quickly start smelling if not cared for properly.

To avoid the embarrassment of smelly running shoes, here are the best ways to get rid of bad odor from running shoes.

Toothpaste works well on shoes also. By using a toothbrush, you can get into the shoe’s tiny crevices and clean your running shoes. It definitely has to be a different probably unused toothbrush that you will use to do this.

Ziploc Bag & Freezer
This is another cool method of keeping your running shoes free from bad odor. Just put your pair of shoes in a reseal-able bag then put them in a freezer for two to three hours then put them in an open place to dry. You will be surprised.

Baking soda + Dish Soap+ Hydrogen Peroxide
A proper concoction of baking soda, dish soap, some elbow grease and hydrogen peroxide will do wonders in eliminating bad odor in running shoes. I am a witness of this method and it totally worked for me. It also eliminates most of the stains in your shoes.

Baking Soda+ Baking Powder +Cornstarch
This is also another major way of killing bad odor from your running shoes. To treat your running shoes with this formulae, take a mixture of equal amount of these ingredients and put it in a pair of socks and hence stick them in the shoes for a night. The results will leave you amazed.

Rubbing of Alcohol
Make a spritz or two of alcohol mixed with water on and inside your shoes. This helps in killing bacteria caused by the sweating. You can as well apply some alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe inside your running shoes back and forth for a minute or two then leave the shoes for a while to absorb the alcohol. The smell fades away with ease.

Boiled Water
You can fight the odor in your running shoes by also filling each shoe with boiling water and adding some amount of bleach. Allow it to set for some minutes then when the water has cooled, pour out the water and wash your shoes.

Chemical Spray
With plenty of chemical sprays out there in the market, if all fails, you can do a number of chemical sprays that have proved effective in dealing with bad odor.

In Conclusion…

The foot of a human is quite a vital body part and it is our responsibility to take good proper care of it and that entails taking care of our running shoes. Having smelly shoes will not only affect your health but I am pretty sure, you may start to notice some friends who couldn’t bare the stench of your running shoes and decided to keep a safe distance from you.
However this should not always be the case. Apply these methods and you be doing justice to yourself and those around you.

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