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TUNE Update and Official Launch Info


Earlier this year, I wrote a post about a device called TUNE that connects to your shoes and monitors your running form.  You can read more about how it works in my original post.  I’ve spent the last few months beta testing TUNE during my runs and providing feedback to its creators, Kinematix.

The results so far: I’ve really enjoyed the experience, but more importantly, the information that TUNE has provided to me has been extremely valuable.  I would gladly pay for TUNE myself and I would recommend it to others as well.  Here’s a quick summary:

  • The insoles are easy to insert.  They also still feel comfortable even though I’ve worn them in multiple pairs of shoes over the past three months.  I’ve run through puddles and on a variety of different surfaces and everything still works great.
  • The devices are easy to store, connect charge and use.  There was an issue early on that affected communication between the devices and the mobile app. Kinematix promptly found the root cause of the issue and sent out a set of replacement devices to their beta testers.  Things have been great ever since.
  • The mobile app is straightforward to use.  It works like other familiar running apps, but in addition to tracking mileage and pace, it also tracks foot movements.
  • Best of all, TUNE not only monitors your running form, but over time it uses its findings to suggest workouts that will help improve your form.  The TUNE sensors can pick up subtle body movements that are invisible to the naked eye.  The mobile app also has a feature that allows runners to share their results with trainers for additional expert analysis.  This gives us the best of both worlds: granular data analysis from a computer combined with a personal touch from a human.

During my years as a runner, I’ve been lucky to never have been prone to injuries (knock on wood).  However, I do occasionally have back and joint soreness after my longer runs.  Since making some adjustments to my running form based on feedback from TUNE, I’ve seen a noticeable decrease in this.  I’ve also noticed that my pace per mile has been come down slightly.  To be fair, I’ve made a few other changes to my workout routines as well.  But the feedback that I got from TUNE was one of the things that I took into consideration when making those updates.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in checking out, I’ve got some great news for you:

  • The official TUNE launch event will be at the Pepcom Showcase in San Francisco on October 27th.  Kinematix will be posting more details on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and their website soon so stay tuned.
  • Also, Kinematix is still accepting TUNE pre-reservations through the end of this month.  People who pre-order get a discounted price plus an extra pair of insoles.  There are only a few days left and it’s definitely worth checking out.  You can find more information about that deal here.


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