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Guest Post: Strength Training for Runners

Strength Training for Runners

What to Do and What to Avoid

Written By: Kostas Chiotis

Strength Training

Runners must adopt a discipline of being able to stick to an exercise regimen for them to be able to achieve better results. This may involve more than just running every day. It also needs other kinds of training exercises to endure running for a longer period of time.

Effective strength training includes consuming less oxygen at a particular pace and being able to carry out all the exercises to strengthen the muscles. Once runners are able to master this kind of training, their speeds are enhanced and they have the endurance to join longer races. Just like any other exercise, you need to see a physician to have your health checked. This ensures that you are capable of enduring the stress. It is best to see a physician most especially if you have stopped doing exercises for quite some time, or have any health issues that need to be given proper medical attention.

Training for a race may need more than just doing a few laps around the block. There is a need to improve cardiovascular and respiratory strength. If you are training for a race, this may mean consuming a lot of energy.  For non-runners, running may lead to complete exhaustion even for just a few minutes because they have not undergone the proper training. Going through strength training doesn’t mean that trained runners would no longer feel tired or exhausted. Instead, this kind of training makes them more capable to use their energy reserves to perform better in a race.

Achieving Better Race Results through Strength Training

Running for hours is not just the kind of training that runners may need. To be able to strengthen their muscles and become efficient runners, strength training is needed.
This can be done by performing strengthening exercises across the following body parts:

  • Core and shoulders
  • Lower back, middle back, and gluteus muscle
  • Quadriceps and hamstring muscle

What Should Every Runner Keep In Mind

No runner should leave the home without bringing a bottle of water. Take note that there may be a possibility of completely forgetting about it on your way out.

You may want to concentrate more on your running stats than to get distracted with the bottle of water on hand. To ensure that you are hydrated all the time, products like these may help you during training or even on your next race.

Every runner wants to win every race that he becomes part of. Of course, there comes a time when athletes hit some low days. Putting too much strain on your muscles by working out for longer hours may do you more harm than good.

Instead of forcing yourself to work out beyond your limits, learn to have a schedule on when you should start the training and set the number of hours for each session.

Having a rigorous training program may help in achieving success, but the expected results may not be possible if other factors are left out. Apart from having the proper training in preparation for a race, there is also a need to have the right kind of diet, because the amount and quality of food should be taken in consideration.

There is also a need to have enough rest in order to revitalize lost strength during a day’s work out.

Always remember that to enjoy more of the things that you do, you also need to see how you can keep yourself in shape and to instill a discipline that can mold you to become the best that you can be.

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