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Dean Karnazes and Global Running Day


Need any more proof that The North Face is awesome?  How about a 10K run along the Chicago Lakefront followed by a meet and greet with Dean Karnazes on Global Running Day?  These pics are from an event at The North Face Chicago that was open to a small group of people.  I was happy to get an invite – I remember volunteering at the St. Jude booth of the Chicago Marathon expo a couple years ago and seeing Dean taking pictures and signing autographs across the aisle from me for a line of people that was close to a block long.

Dean is a great guy.  He not only took pics and signed autographs, but he also took the time to chat with everyone about running, upcoming races and any other topics they wanted to talk about.  I gave him a copy of Southern Fried Running and he asked me to autograph it for him.  Cool stuff.

The North Face has a number of other events like this coming up at their Michigan Avenue store in Chicago (inside the Hancock Building).  If you live in the area, make sure to stop by and check out their events calendar on the second floor to see if there’s anything you’re interested in.  If you’re not in Chicago, the are a number of other North Face locations that have similar events, so click here to find a location that’s close to you.

Thanks again to all my friends at The North Face for building such an awesome organization.


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