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Two New Books


I didn’t just publish one new book this time, but two…. And you can get them for FREE if you want.  Read on –

First here’s a quick overview of what all of my books are about:

Southern Fried Running: My first book (published last spring) covers the best marathons and half marathons in the Southeastern United States.  It includes interviews with race directors and host city officials about the races themselves and the best things to see and do around town on race weekend (kind of like a travel guide for runners).

Running the Southwest: My new book is the follow-up to Southern Fried Running.  It covers the Southwestern United States.

The Southern Running Companion: a condensed combo of the first two. If you didn’t already read either of my books and they both look interesting, you can get one book that covers the entire Southern United States instead of having to buy two separate ones.  Or on the other hand, if you already read either of my books, you can skip this one because it doesn’t contain anything new.

Running with Sara: my daughter Sara and I wrote this one together last year. It’s about how she trained for her first races and some tips for how to make running fun for an eleven year old.  It also includes personal advice from Sara.

All of my books are available on Amazon.  You can click here to read samples and order them.

Here’s the best part though – I’m making the kindle versions of all four books free from today (March 17th) until next Monday (March 21st). If you decide to order any of them, make sure to let me know what you think.  And if you want to leave a rating or review on Amazon, that would be even better. Thanks everyone!!

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