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Gear Review: Orange Mud Transition Towels

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud transition towel / seat wrap to review as a BibRave Pro. Check out to learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and also to find and write race reviews!


I like to drive. Fast.

Sadly, the court disposition above isn’t from the first speeding ticket I’ve gotten.  I was hoping to get this one dismissed but the judge took one look at my driving record and then glanced up at my lawyer with a “you’ve gotta be kidding me” look on his face.  Thankfully, we did manage to get the original $1500 fine waived, but I still had to pay $364 in court costs.

It’s not very often that I get to write about driving and running in the same post.  I think the last time I wrote anything about driving at all was last year when I wrote this post about speeding through two states in a rented Camaro to catch a flight after the start time of my race got delayed by over 2 hours.  So when BibRave and Orange Mud hooked me up with a free transition towel to try out and review, I was pretty excited because I knew it would give me an excuse to write about cars.

If you want to drive fast, you have to have a fast car.  This is mine:

Orange Mud - Mustang

What does that have to do with running?  Quite a bit, actually –

I like to run in a variety of different places to keep from always doing the same routes and getting bored, particularly when I do my long runs.  This means that sometimes I have to drive to the places where I want to run.

Racing is also an issue.  There are a ton of races in and around Chicago but they’re not all close to my house.  So more often than not, I end up having to drive to and from a lot of the local races I do.  And after I’m done with a race or a long run, the last thing I want to do is sit my nasty sweaty ass down on my nice clean car seats and ruin the upholstery.

I’ve tried putting towels and plastic bags on my car seats to keep them from getting soaked with sweat after my runs, and they do an OK job.  The problem is that they usually don’t fit all the way or aren’t absorbent enough (towels) or they slide around too much (plastic bags).  So while I can “get by” with them for shorter drives, they’re not really an ideal solution.  I’ve tried a few other seat covers too and for various reasons, I haven’t been happy with them.

Orange Mud Seat Cover

Orange Mud transition towels / seat wraps, on the other hand, seem to work perfectly.  The wrap that Orange Mud sent me to test is big enough to cover my entire driver’s seat.  It also has a zipper at the top that allows me to create a “pouch” that I can slip over the top of the seat, which holds the cover in place.  The towel is also thicker and more absorbent than regular towels.  As an added bonus, my Orange Mud transition towel has a belt clip so it won’t fall off when I change after a run…. Want to see how it works?  Check out this video:

So now I can safely drive to my races and long run locations in my Mustang and not have to worry about getting the seats dirty.  This makes Orange Mud rock in my book.  Now I just have to work on not getting any more speeding tickets….

Want to try an Orange Mud Transition Towel yourself?  You can use discount code BIBRAVE on to get 15% off of these or any other Orange Mud gear.

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