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Boy Have We Got Some Catching Up To Do!

It’s been a while….

Rio International Half Marathon

I just realized that the last time I published anything new on this site was in April of 2017. Crazy! I’ve gotten tons of compliments about my writing since I started this blog in 2014.  Apologies if you’ve missed reading it.

I’ve been doing some writing in a few other places lately though:

The Ultimate Travel Guide for Runners

Besides writing…..

My last post here was about my first successful Chicago art run with Runstreet. We’ve done five more here since then including our most recent 2018nChicago Marathon Shakeout Art Run, which was sponsored by Clif Bar.

Runstreet Chicago Marathon Shakeout Art RunRunstreet Chicago Marathon Shakeout Art Run

Runstreet Chicago Marathon Shakeout Art Run

We’ll be doing more of these in 2019….

I also finished my goal of running at least a half marathon in all 50 states last fall (you can read about it here if you’re interested)….

Baltimore Running Festival

50 States…. done!

…. And this year I’ve done races in Barcelona (where I also spent an afternoon hanging out with some local street artists) and Rio de Janiero, bringing the total number of continents I’ve run on to four.

Street Art Barcelona


Rio de JanieroIt’s been a busy 18 months…

And things are about to get even busier. I have some big plans in the works for 2019.  Next year I’ll be making some changes to the format of this blog (nothing too drastic – the theme will still be running and travel related) and publishing some videos on a YouTube Channel I’m in the process of creating. I’m still putting the finishing touches on everything and I’ll share some more info about this in the coming months.  So far everyone I’ve talked to about this project agrees that it’s going to be awesome though, so I’m pretty excited about it. Stay tuned….

In the meantime, a couple of my friends own a travel company called 2L Travel, which hosts guided tours of different places around the world.  They just published their 2019 schedule.  If you’re looking for something interesting to do next year, take a look at these:

My next post should have more details about my upcoming project.  Hopefully you’ll be just as interested in it as I am… Until next time!

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