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MESTRENGTH: Updates and Upgrades


Back in September, I wrote a review praising MESTRENGTH sports drink mix for tasting great, not having any sugars, artificial ingredients or calories, and having more nutritional benefits than almost any other sports drink or mix on the market.  None of that has changed over the last few months, but I wanted to post a quick update since MESTRENGTH is continuing to grow as a brand and there have been a lot of changes since I first tried it.

You can read my original review here (no need to rehash everything other than to say that I still think that MESTRENGTH is an excellent product for all of the reasons I described above).  In the meantime though, I thought I’d also mention some of the things that have changed over the last few months:

First, not long after I posted my original review, MESTRENGTH asked me to become a brand ambassador.  This gets me some great benefits, including a discount code that I’m able to share with other people.  So, if you haven’t tried MESTRENGTH yet and you’re interested in trying it (or even if you have tried it already and you think it’s great), you can use discount code TL on their website to get 25% off of any order.


Next, MESTRENGTH is now available through a variety of new channels.  You can buy it on, bulu box, and Clever Training which comes in handy for anyone who likes to shop on those sites or has a gift card for one of them (just as a quick side note – for right now, my discount code only works on but there may be some updates to that in the future so stay tuned).

Lastly, MESTRENGTH recently signed an agreement with BibRave.  This is pretty exciting for me because it means that two of my favorite brands are now working together.  So look for some more reviews and information from some other BibRave Pros and also look for MESTRENGTH to sponsor an upcoming #bibchat at some point over the next few weeks (Not familiar with BibChats?  Check them out on Twitter at 8pm CST on Tuesday nights).

It’s been a lot of fun watching MESTRENGTH grow as both a brand and a company over the last few months.  I’m looking forward to keeping my relationship with them and watching them continue to grow in the future as well.

Want to read more about MESTRENGTH?  Check out these other sites:


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